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This leads to more ISK per hour of mining for all fleet members. While the Orca has a large cargo bay, and a separate ore bay, one of its best uses is giving mining fleet members a longer mining laser range, and a faster mining laser cycle time through the use of Command Burst modules.

Instead of needing a freighter, or making multiple trips, the orca can fit the bill. In older material you may see references to the Orca's secondary cargo areas as being "unscannable". Typically, it’s good practice to place mining crystals, both T1 and T2s in the fleet hangar, so the fleet can have access to new ones when theirs burn out. Depending on the situation you will want either combat drones (to kill belt rats), ECM drones (to counter potential gankers) or mining drones to mine ore. it can fit three command burst modules without help from rigs allowing single Orca to give all the necessary mining boosts to a fleet.While designed as a powerful fleet booster for mining operations, the Orca also gets much use as a general freighter. These additions allow an Orca to better defend its fleet in the event of either unexpectedly powerful belt rats or hostile pilots. Miners can have nothing in their cargo bays except mining crystals. Or even worse, requiring mining ships to haul their own ore back to station. This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 06:26. The Orca pilot must move ore from the fleet hangar bay to the ore hold or the cargo bay when the fleet hangar gets too full. For most mining operations, Orcas pilots will want to bring all three Mining Foreman Command Burst charges, though some Orca pilots will forgo the Mining Equipment Preservation charge. These skills assist fleet members in mining yield improvements. More about the Orca and its various roles is listed in the Orca Guide.

This is especially apparent when transporting ore. Further, the Orca's large number of mid slots allows it to fit one of the most effective tanks among hauling ships. Off-grid boosts were eliminated in favor of the new Command Burst system, and the Orca was given drastically increased mining and defensive capabilities. The Orca is a mining support ship, classified as an Industrial Command Ship. "With both skill and role bonuses to mining drone yield, the Orca can pull in similar ore volumes to an Exhumer."[1]. Main article: ... even as the Invasion has ended, all of these ships, structures, and behaviors can still be found in Pochven, Minor Victory systems, and EDENCOM Fortresses. Industrial Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):5% bonus to ship cargo and ore hold capacity3% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst effect strength and duration1% bonus to Shield Command Burst effect strength and duration10% bonus to Drone hitpoints, damage and ore mining yield10% reduction in Drone ice harvesting cycle timeRole Bonus:100% bonus to Drone ore mining yield25% reduction in Drone ice harvesting cycle time100% bonus to Drone damage400% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal range90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue• Can use 3 Command Burst modules250% bonus to Tractor Beam range100% bonus to Tractor Beam velocity500% bonus to Survey Scanner range. If more tank is unnecessary or unwanted, Hyperspatial Velocity rigs (higher warp speed but lower CPU capacity) or Cargohold Optimization rigs (increases cargo hold but reduces armor) can also be useful.

The priority displayed here is meant only as a basic guideline for prioritizing targets on a theoretical level, actual field priority may differ depending on the circumstances. When looking at time to train vs. benefits received, Industrial Command Ships V can be saved for last. In combat missions, you can provide non-mining command burst bonuses to your other character, and tractor the wrecks to a central point while the other character fights. Both bonuses are helpful, but since most pilots usually only fit one Tractor Beam at most, the range increase is the most noticeable of the two. For mining missions, the benefits are obvious. Don't forget that if the Hulks / miners remain within 2500m of the Orca then miners can drop the ore directly into the fleet hangar completely removing the risk of theft. Note about all fleet composition listings: Triglavian and EDENCOM fleets and combat sites use random ship distributions. It has a sizeable ship maintainance bay that can be used to store assembled ships, an ore hold, a fleet hanga… This is the flagship configuration for Orca drone mining. The Industrial Command Ships (8x, 55M ISK) skill is required to fly it. Ascension also added a 400% role bonus to Remote Shield Booster range, as well as the ORE Mining Director Mindlink, which boosts both Mining Foreman Bursts and Shield Command Bursts. Possibly the biggest selling point of the Orca is the huge amount of cargo space that it supports for a ship that “only” costs around 800 million ISK.

For example, if the Orca pilot has the skills they would need to fly a Hulk, they would need to be boosting four miners to be worthwhile in terms of yield over mining themselves. This coupled with a decent drone bay, will protect a mining fleet from random pirates, while allowing a decent time to get “The Cavalry” to protect your mining fleet. Post-Ascension, the Orca has the following mining bonuses: According to the dev blog describing the changes to the Orca: With Transverse Bulkhead rigs (increases structure but lower cargo hold capacity) the tank can be pushed well above 400k ehp. In wormholes, an Orca can provide a group with a mobile platform for refitting, swapping ships, storing loot, and repairing. As such it's possible to hide expensive modules on ships in the Ship Maintenance Bay. Orcas can also combine Tractor Beams with Salvagers to loot and salvage the wrecks of any belt rats that may spawn. Clear the room, and then head back to the orca to get your salvage ship, or refit your combat ship right in space. While designed as a powerful fleet booster for mining operations, the Orca also gets much use as a general freighter. The Orca is capable of boosting fleets is using Command Bursts in its high slots. This page was last edited on 6 February 2019, at 20:47. Another advantage of the huge range on the beam is that the orca can pull in cans when a can flipper is in the system. The Orca uses much of the technology developed by ORE for the Rorqual and integrated with the latest advancements from Deep Core Mining research division has developed a vessel which offers a diverse role to all sizes of operations and needs.

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