i love my mistress more than wife

Where to begin, Im not really a fan of seeking help online, but there is no one Id talk to. Stuck in a situationship with a married man? A woman with common sense should know that. If you do this to someone’s marriage you are opening up doors for the same thing to happen to you when you are married. I know you do not know the wife, but I really feel bad for her. Ive found 3 gray hairs and my hair is thinning. And that should NOT be so. But she does not take on the full responsibilities of a real relationship like the wife does. *possibly a future article relating to the above? Change your job if needed and break all contact with that woman.

My wife found out and I even tried to get them to socialise together, but after four years my ­girlfriend walked out because I wouldn’t leave my wife and was not “marriage material”. Everyone has the right to do with their own life with what they want and live in their own truth. When you say a husband doesn’t love his mistress, he loves his wife, you are clearly wrong. There is where you have to use your dirty talk etc.

But we all know true love exists. Etc. And by reality I mean to understand what love means. Sophie, you are belittling the mistress. This was hard for me to put a finger on. I really need to vent. Maybe cause marriage has nothing, necessarily, to do with love. No matter what he says to you, he took a vow before GOD promising to ALWAYS be there for his wife and his family. Alot of marriages are business partnerships. I don’t see what god has to do with it. I hope that will give you insight on what you should do. We are very happy. I just want to see him smile.

Even if by chance a married man does leave his wife for you, as a mistress then what is keeping him from doing it again with you when the next hot thing comes around? BUT I think you are wrong on so many levels. Im upset he refuses to leave in peace. Don’t dismiss an affair as being purely physical for a man, this is not always the case. And she was sweeter and more understanding, because, (another thing I am ashamed to admit) she was prettier than my wife and I loved the way she looked. Give me a break. I’m not married but I know someone who claims he’s in love with his mistress. There are however always exceptions to any situation. I was no hidden from the public, we would walk hand and hand through the stores, malls, you name it. I  mean really, when you think about it the wife is getting all the benefits because deep down she is the one that he loves. I think you can end all of this, we all have free will sure it may hurt but you can. This is an intriguing topic and you have many great points not to mention an outstanding writer. I was convinced he didnt want me. A man in love would not be in a affair situation, he will walk away. Love His Mistress? As soon as you require too much time as a mistress his love is gone. She does not benefit from the life insurance policy or his health insurance. Also, how does he know he made the right choice? If/when you do, this will change..oh but of course, you've already pointed out that you plan to cheat again if this woman 'lets herself go' so what do you have to worry about? I am in a situation where the married mans wife has ms and agreed to the affair and then stopped it.

I'm Dr. Reed. After the 2nd time I found him cheating with a coworker of his, I got busy studying marriage complications online when I found out what he does is called emotional abuse. U are correct!! They’ve not been married however they have not been separated aince they met. i am not ugly or anything as people complement me all the time lol ,i attract a lot of married men but i cant date them as i am not a home wrecker. Your email address will not be published. You are sharing the bed with your wife and you and her should be able to every time tell each other what you like and how you like it and how hard and how soft.

I think that over all this is about works of the flesh in this case lust and the lack of self control which is what God tells us to have. I thought it would be easy, as easy as it is for him toss me away and jump in the bed with other women. But I like being with him, but I don’t want to be WITH him. A man who respects you won’t embarrass you. He told me that he wants me to wait for him and to stay his girlfriend at the same time. If God himself tells u it’s wrong but u stay, ur just as bad as the husband and the mistress! Because she was beautiful, and I am honestly ashamed to admit this but because I liked being with her sometimes more than being with my wife, because she didn't nag me about everything. She went true it all to give you a child. Its just better in a way because she handles herself and her issues differenty. As soon as he is tired of you his love is gone. Because relationship/marriage is communication, so is also sex! Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day, Perishers originally ran from 1959 to 2006. If it is so that man doesn’t love the mistress, then why do affairs last for 3 years and more, sometimes for a lifetime?

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