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What i like about Ji Chang Wook is his expressive eyes and of course his lips. When i watched his dramas,first thing i want to know about the best korean actor for actions.because i believed that he must be that best actor .Healer & K2 are my favourites drama.

I never thought i would actually fall for an actor "( he is simply perfect i can't get over healer. Your acting is amzing..love u.. Setsuka Jan 11 2020 6:34 pm JCW is best in dramas like Healer and K2.

When I can achieve my capable I will come to South Korea just for you and Lee Min Ho. He's good at what he does too. i cant resist to fall for him just in a blink eye. I LOVE HIM. Just a testament to your acting talent. Thank you! i love you sooo much Oppa you'r the best so perfect Love your acting, , hope you get more projects and becomes really popular because you're just so talented and not to forget extremely handsome .. Sranghae forever Oppa Good Luck <3 <3. Missing you much, Chang Wook ssi. if you smile i noticed my lips keep on smiling also.. love to see your dramas oppa! Emperror togon is very handsome, he is so good in empress ki, he should win a best actor award for that acting, also there should have a follow up drama together with empress ki herself ha ji won, chemistry is good and they look good together on and off cam, wish you have a sequel in a romantic , action comedy format. love you JCW.... be safe...always, Lili Dec 05 2017 1:54 am Not so many young actors can do that! This is a new fan from San Jose, CA (aka Silicon Valley). ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. you have a lot of fans here specially me. Gilda Pagaduan Aug 26 2020 6:12 pm

You need to get back on your twitter Boo you have fans that are missing you on there :). I hate how he move on so fast to another project. It's my wish that I will surely come Korea to see you in person before I die.... Hope , this wish of mine get fulfill ? I have watched the Healer and i was amazed by his outstanding acting skill. I love Ji chang wook's movies ... he's really cute.. :D. Noren Nov 20 2014 5:45 am

Nalaa Aug 27 2016 7:26 am As always the director picked the right guy for this part.

Azzyssa Dec 27 2017 3:23 am One of the remarkable k-drama I've watched is Empress Ki, due to the brilliant cinematography and outstanding performances of the actors and actresses. He's a versatile actor, whether comedy, romance, drama or action movies, he can pull it through.

Your drama healer is a super hit. U R the best. Yhanz Oct 21 2017 12:47 am Healer is my fav 2015 drama besides HelloMonster/IrememberYou. lisa May 15 2015 3:23 am I'll be definitely waiting for it. Versatile actor. You are very talented, I love your acting.

I really love your acting at Empress KI. but still happy to know your back..?? One of the best of the best korean actor. I Can't find a word to express that how much I loved you and your drama. TEAM May 07 2017 12:04 pm More dramas for Ji Chang-Wook oppa!! Saranghae❤❤❤.

If it were not for the beautiful classical music, i'd have quit watching this drama. My ultimate oppa Ji Chang Wook! aneyong oppa.. you are such beautiful guy ,, your act is so great.. i realy enjoy your drama and movie.. hope to see you in malaysia <3<3<3, Brenda Sep 17 2014 5:51 am

You are also good looking.

please be helath jichangwook ssi !><. Handsome and your expression in your characters makes you more interesting to watch. Ji Chang Wook is phenomenal and the most versatile actor of his generation. :( i so love HEALER, the acting is sooooo excellent,cant help but fall in love with park bong soo,but i love healer d most :) ;) .. i hope after the healer there would be another JCW i kpopdrama.. cleo Feb 09 2015 8:18 am Oppa saranghaeyo Anyeonghesayo Ji Chan Wook! His steps are just the sweetest thing to watch...

Ji Chang Wook oppa, hwaiting! Good work Ji Chang Wook ssi. I've been wanting him to be paired up with equally exceptional actresses such as Kim Ji Won, Han Hyo Joo and Oh Yeon Seo.

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