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Don't care about BFI and setting up freesync takes 20min, so zero regrets for getting a C9 a few weeks ago. That section houses the inputs, power supply, speakers and other depth-eating TV components.

There's also a setting labeled OLED Motion Pro, available only in the User section of the TruMotion menu. Not expected to make a noticeable difference. In more mixed and darker scenes, on the other hand, the OLEDs superior contrast again won out. Also, the Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) is aggressive, so large areas aren't as bright as they should be. Overall, color fidelity of the LG CX was excellent with noticeably improved reds. It performs similarly to any other OLED TV with good gaming features and has better dark room performance than any LED TV. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Support for all these is built in, too, which means there’s no need for an external listening device. It also has much wider viewing angles, a wider color gamut, better reflection handling, FreeSync support, a near-instant response time, and it displays 4k content properly.

It's not super useful unless you're a sports fanatic, but it doesn't detract from the experience either. The Q90R gets significantly brighter, it supports FreeSync VRR to reduce screen tearing, and it has slightly better reflection handling. It also has much wider viewing angles, a quicker response time, and better out-of-the-box color accuracy. It's a direct replacement to the LG C9 OLED and sits between the LG BX OLED and LG GX OLED. The LG has faster response time and VRR support; however, the Terrace has lower input lag. All of LG's 2019 and 2020 OLED models include the latest version of the HDMI standard: 2.1. Luckily, it has wide viewing angles, so you don't lose image accuracy at the side. To turn it on, set TruMotion to 'User' and OLED Motion on 'High'. However, the TCL doesn't have the risk of permanent burn-in and it gets much brighter. And if we’re lucky, the PS5, Xbox Series X, and next-gen PCs will be able to make use of the OLED65CX’s 4K/120Hz/4:4:4/HDR support.

Like any OLED TV, it can produce perfect blacks and has a near-instant response time. The LG is an OLED and can produce perfect blacks, which the Vizio can't.

Since the NANO85 has a slower response time, lower frame rate content stutters less.

For Variable Refresh Rate, CX Supports Freesync Premium, HDMI 2.1 VRR, and G-SYNC. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Clear on the other hand is toward the smoother side, albeit still tolerable. The price gap will shrink as the CX gets discounted and the B9 sells out later this year, but even then another TV will remain less expensive and likely a better value as well: the 2020 BX series.

What an absolutely phenomenal tv. There's a single button underneath the center of the screen. It has excellent viewing angles, great if you want to use it in an office setting or sit close to the screen. Great, even. We at CNET don't consider burn-in a reason for most people to avoid buying an OLED TV, however. Also, it displays a very wide color gamut in HDR and gets bright enough to bring out highlights. Aggressive Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL). Overall, they're two excellent TVs that should please most people. As usual, this is mostly a very good thing.

I compared the two LG OLEDs side-by-side in my spanking new basement TV lab, and it was really tough to tell the difference between them in picture quality. The LG CX OLED is fantastic for sports. Overall, the gamma follows the target fairly well, but dark scenes are too dark and some bright scenes are too bright. The economical, no-nonsense home screen, with its row of icons connected to different content sources, is instantly accessible and easy to use and customize. The LG has a quicker response time, but that means content appears to stutter less on the Samsung.

It took us just seconds to get the remote to recognize a PlayStation 4 and a Roku box, for example, and assume command of those devices. The LG CX OLED is significantly better than the Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2020; however, they're very different TVs. As usual, OLED's superior black levels also improved the perception of color saturation compared to the LCD other displays.

The top half of the LG CX is very thin, but it gets thicker at the bottom where the inputs are housed. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Like the LG C9 OLED, the LG CX has a Peak Brightness setting, which changes the way the ABL performs.

One additional note: Those concerned about burn-in and image retention should note that LG includes a pixel refresher operation designed to clear out any image retention (like the station bugs on news programs), as well as a screen shift program that moves static images over a few imperceptible pixels to deter burn in.

It can't produce extremely bright colors, but with a perfect contrast ratio, it can display dark, saturated colors.

If you can tell the difference, hats off to you. In our test environment, the AI result (in standard mode) actually sounded better, delivering an improved soundstage that put the music and audio more front and center. This likely won't be an issue for most OLED owners who watch normal, varied content, but can be a concern if you watch a ton of static images. And if that isn’t the definition of a great TV, I don’t know what is. The back of the stand and the panel holding the inputs are made out of solid plastic that feels like metal. Fortunately there isn’t much content around that’s extreme enough to cause this problem, so the strengths of the sound system typically rein supreme. would burn in be better or worse on one or the other? Unfortunately, it has a risk of permanent burn-in, but this shouldn't be an issue with varied content. In particular, try to avoid spending too long at any one time watching content with bright logos or static bright image elements. The CX is an OLED that can produce perfect blacks, it has near-instantaneous response time, and a 120Hz refresh rate with VRR support. For it to display proper chroma 4:4:4 at 4k @ 120Hz and any resolution at 60Hz, which is important for reading text, it must be on 'PC' mode. The bottom third or so of the OLED65CX’s rear sticks out quite a bit more than the rest. Anyone here move from a TCL 6 series (2018) straight to a C9/CX? The LG CX OLED is a much better TV than the LG NANO85. Unfortunately, LG has dropped DTS decoding from their 2020 TVs. The LG CX OLED performs much better than the TCL 6 Series/R635 2020. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of TVs to make a clearer and more informed decision. Pressing and holding a microphone button on the remote triggers Google Assistant, which works remarkably well in this context. Viewing angles were exceptional. It's hard not to love OLED. The remote tracks the motion of your hand to whip quickly around the screen, something that's particularly helpful when signing into apps or searching using an onscreen keyboard. Parasite is a great movie that looks spectacular in 4K HDR. Update 08/18/2020:1440p @ 60Hz is only available when forced through a custom resolution; it's not natively supported. This is nicely finished and well built, but perhaps looks a touch chunky compared with the incredible slimness elsewhere.

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