amaron car battery review

If the brand is advertised better, it will gradually get more and more loyal customers. Similar opinion? The charging time is fairly faster which evidently increases the productivity of the battery. Keeping the terminals clean is vital to prolong the lifespan of your car battery. There are basically three types of car battery as follows: - Requires longer charging time with specific charger, - Versatile in any position without spillage as the battery comes with glass mats to absorb & suspended the electrolyte. Worry not, because we have all that here in this article from Clean battery terminals also allow early detection of cracks, deformation, leaks, or any warning signs of an imminent end. The next time when you jumpstart the car, it will completely drain the battery and thus, your car won’t be able to move. If you ask us which is the best choice when it comes to the comparison among Outlast vs Amaron vs Motolite, we would go for the first two since the capability and performance of Motolite products still have room to be improved, on paper at least. The specifications do vary but they use special formulation for the battery plates for longevity and higher life expectancy. has affiliate partnerships. Amaron Or Exide.

One reason is its competitive price tags while still committing to high performance and longevity.

I am not a fan of batteries without access ports for this reason.

All of their batteries are ready to use. Even though being overshadowed by Motolite, which is, in our opinion, primarily because of the latter’s more effective marketing campaigns, the Outlast has built a decent loyal customer base. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What’s worth mentioning about Motolite car batteries is its advanced technology to adapt with the extreme weather and road conditions in the Philippines. The technology that goes on behind their product possess high reserve capacity and offers resistance to vibration. Also I have topped the levels twice over the years as it has access ports otherwise it would likely be dead. James Deakin on a poster of Amaron car battery Philippines. This is simply because the Motolite's product quality and price tags can meet the demands of a decent number of Filipino car owners. For those who are not familiar with cars or basic car maintenance tips, it’s best to seek support from a trusted mechanic or auto repair center.

That is fairly extensive and shows that the company is ready to provide support. The other reason is because of its brand ambassador, Mr. James Deakin - a Motoring Journalist as well as a very popular KOL in the local automotive industry. You are searching for a new car battery but have no idea where to start? It perhaps is a bit difficult to differentiate between Amaron and Exide since their quality is quite impressive. The Amaron car Battery is also color coated with weather resistant colors which extend its lifetime. Last but not least, Motolite is another Filipino car battery brand that makes it to the list of Philtoyota’s top rated car battery brands for 2020. For Pinoy car enthusiasts, Amaron is indeed a well-known battery car brand. on Which is the Best Car Battery? I purchased my Indian manufactured Amaron silver calcium battery from batteryworld on 26/4/2008 for $160 and today over 10 years later on 20/6/2018 it is still going strong in my Honda HRV. So, the pricing won’t be much of a deciding factor here. Answer :- Yes You can get cash amount against old battery . Answer:- Yes Amaron provides Onsite warranty, You just need to dial Amaron customer care number in just couple of hours Amaron service team will be at your place. You can have an Outlast battery product from as low as P2,800, while the top-of-the-line battery might be priced as much as P6,500. They have higher reliability in terms of service. To remove the corrosion, just simply use a wire brush, a post cleaner or baking soda. Your email address will not be published. Make sure to keep in mind the following 4 tips to care for your car battery: Corrosion will damage the connection between your cable and the battery. It’s interesting to point out that the price of Motolite car batteries in the Philippines is a controversial topic. They do pay their undivided attention when it comes to their batteries and casings. *We were the first to offer a 60-Month warranty on batteries in India. *Every 3rd car in India is powered by Amaron batteries! *We are the single largest source of batteries … The only thing which will be the … They do put in a lot of effort and magnification when it comes to their cover designs and has spill-resistant properties. Which one would you choose when it comes to Outlast vs Amaron vs Motolite comparison? 0.5 inches deep is the right level for the water and acid mixture in the car battery. out 18 hours after a charge this week as it is mid winter. Amaron Go is the lowest/basic grade battery in Amaron battery line. As for the warranty policy, it is around 15 to 24 months, which, as guaranteed by the brand, is unnecessary anway. Settling for the right car battery can be a tedious task. The Japan origin alone has somehow ensured its quality, not to mention the warranty period of 15 months. For those who have a more generous budget, ACDelco car batteries are our recommendation. Q.3  From Where I can Buy Amaron car Battery ? You get what you pay for, we can’t agree more to this saying as far as ACDelco’s product quality is concerned. It is around 12.4 volts, so even though this battery is more than 9 years active use it still has more than 50% capacity. Plus, the reasonable price tag. However, going for the best car battery brand does not always guarantee you are choosing the most suitable choice for your beloved vehicle. Amaron battery review Amaron car battery overview. For your easy reference, has put together all the 6 car battery products recommended in this article in the table below: Make sure to invest a decent amount of budget on car battery since is is one of the most critical auto part.

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