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I speak in and traverse various spaces, and easily forget that my voice is not the most valid, but rather the most trusted. He graduated in 2004 from Grinnell College.

I have accumulated my own pain, but that is different. This means recognizing when we are positioned as the desirable white victim of discrimination in contrast to communities of color—who are either erased or deemed unruly or undeserving of being named and recognized. The line-drawing that Navratilova and others want to get into about who is “woman enough” is a dangerous one with a long legacy of exclusion — of Black women, of other women of color, of queer women, of trans women. It also perpetuates the false notion that women who are trans are not "real" women, that men who are trans are not "real" men and that no one could have a gender that is nonbinary.

(his name is chase strangio.) "And wait, why do you need to know that?". And while I will spend the rest of my life fighting to make sure those kids know that she is wrong and that they are beautiful, deserving, and lovable just as they are, Navratilova still maintains a powerful voice — and her words are giving too much fuel to a movement that would inevitably eradicate us both.

Ok. Fine. Sign-up for our free weekly e-mail newsletter. I become an appropriate voice for a story of discrimination but then suddenly there is room for only one voice. Let’s look at another example of why Chase’s outrage about deadnaming in an obituary is so silly. Transgender activist Aimee Stephens sits in her wheelchair outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Oct. 8, 2019. And among all the many hate-filled attacks I have experienced as a public trans person, the most painful by far have been the deliberate speaking of my old name — as well as the quest to learn it and remind me of it. Chase has declared – Words matter and erasing the identity of trans people by calling them by their birth names and birth-assigned sex is an act of hatred — one that is inextricable from the brutal violence that so many trans people, particularly trans women of color, encounter just for existing in the world.

We have more to do. Chase Strangio is an attorney at ACLU and an American transgender lawyer. Chase Strangio @chasestrangio If you are angry or think it’s “unfair” for a trans girl to beat a cis girl in a sporting event then fundamentally you don’t think trans girls are “real” girls. Navratilova recently penned a piece in The Sunday Times arguing that women who are trans should not compete in women’s sports. The ACLU was already a joke to begin with, but this?

And this is why Navratilova’s words are so appealing to those invested in such exclusion. His exact age and date of birth is unknown. If you want to know (or write) about someone and then go in search of their deadname or an old picture to use or disseminate, think long and hard about why that’s important to use.

Some choose to change their names because they hated their families and no longer want to associate with them. We speak often of “directly impacted communities” when referring to people of color, trans people, disabled people, incarcerated people, immigrants, and other historically marginalized groups, usually in the context of these belated and often symbolic efforts to identify groups whose voices have historically been excluded from our work.

And of course, within the trans community, it is trans people of color who experience the highest rates of violence and discrimination. I don’t know how or with whom or any of the details. None of these various struggles as I experience them, however, change the fact that I am white and trans. To validate that — especially in news reporting — by referring to me as "Chase Strangio, formerly known as [deadname]" is to ensure that I will never have the … But my experiences in Penn Station or at the doctor’s office or at work are legible because I am white, masculine, and a lawyer.

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