ford sync won't play music from usb

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. It’s incredibly frustrating when your iPhone is not connecting to Ford SYNC, so make sure you share this article on social media to save your friends and family from potential headaches. I’m not aware to stop it but I don’t think the amount of power it would be supplying would be enough to drain your battery – after all, once it’s full it’s going to only trickle-charge to keep it topped up. David There are several causes for this problem if you have connected a cell phone like Samsung galaxy S2 S3 or S4, or an Apple iPhone but if you have connected just a simple memory stick your issue is likely caused by a simple issue with formatting. Thanks in advance!!

If you get to this point, try a Master Reset of your SYNC system or MyFordTouch, whatever you call it (assuming this is what you have in your car).

I went to the manual menu input and turned on Autoplay and to Play All, still not advancing. The other issue is that SYNC has a maximum number of tracks it will index for voice purposes – you can access everything via your menu but voice sadly won’t work. No, you cannot make phone calls over the iPhone dock connector.

Although I’m somewhat technically more savvy than the random person, the USB car-compatible audio technology is all new to me. The. Get an ipod classic, 5th generation.

So, I’d like to know – 1. I was able to get it to work by navigating to USB via voice command. Since almost all new flash drives are formatted to a system called FAT32, you will have to change the format yourself. The problem you're experiencing could be an Dear David – . MP3 is safe: I don’t know what else is. I don’t think you can do that with an ipod (leaving it in your car throughout the summer can cause the battery to fail (it swells because of the heat…not good). Some times I found doing the master reset, then turning the car off for 30seconds, and then turning back on would do it. I am by no means saying this IS the problem, but it is the one possible issue I can think of. Does anyone have the fix for this?

I can change or forward to new songs on the vehicle, but I can’t get the thing to play.

Is it possible at reasonable expense to retrofit Sat Nav to this Focus? . They seem to charge devices fine. When i plug in the device no usb icon comes up under source. We do think the sellers should advise on this at the point of sale. The thumb drive is and was always formatted exFAT. iPhone Not Connecting To Ford SYNC?

Cheers Tim, that tip of renaming the USB worked for me. Ford India SYNC® SUPPORT 2 - SYNC your phone with Ford SYNC® 2 and get Support for Playing Music, USB Player/iPOD , lets you do what you need to do, hands-free … My iPhone Can’t Find My Fitbit. I’ve altered the format to mp3. I’m using a 64GB memory stick and, although quick, there are too many tracks for the voice recognition to work with it (something Samantha i reminds me of everytime I start the car up.

For those with recent models of Ford cars you may have the SYNC in-car system.

If they are, does this mean that the USB sockets are goosed for reading data? many thanks. This includes a USB port for playing music stored on a compatible device. Single. ... See your Ford or Lincoln Dealer for complete details and qualifications. So, it’s possible, but just be aware of the limitation of using such high storage capacities. Uses itunes top transfer. However, not messing around with CDs when trying to drive, imo, is a great safety improvement. Many believe it is 32GB … Zune has been plugged into Sync ever since. With this stick and others I tried, the message I was getting, “USB Device not recognized, noway were these sticks going to be accepted. I’ve just got the new ford focus 2019 plates with sync3 but it’s not working with my Fiio X5iii. You’ve connected your iPhone to your the USB port of your car with Ford SYNC, but it’s not playing music. Most memory sticks are quick large and so often they are formatted with NTFS. Obviously there is some adjustment I have to do so that the stick gets re-indexed. message the Ford Sync system reports. I have been using my Zune 120 to paly through a USB connection with Ford Sync since September. I hope this helps, SOLVED: Can a Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 or S4 Connect to a My Ford Touch Display Screen,, How Site Speed Impacts Your Online Business, Everything You Need To Know About Server Antivirus Protection, VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S20FE & Note20 Ultra 5G Unboxing and Comparison to S9, SOLVED: How To Set Windows Updates to Manual on Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012R2, SOLVED: Windows 10 RDP The connection cannot proceed because authentication is not enabled, SOLVED: Excel Formulas Displaying As Text, How to create a blog - Step by step guide, How to create a website - Step by step guide, Ultimate Beginners Guide To WordPress Blogs, How to Create a Website - Beginner's Guide, Website Builder Comparison - Best Builders, Right click on the stick and select FORMAT, Change the FILE SYSTEM drop down from NTFS or exFAT to. Format is .m4a (iTunes). You connected it with Bluetooth, and you can make phone calls on the Phone setting — but music isn’t working, even though your iPhone says it’s playing. early indication of a future hard drive failure. I did format a 8 Gig. The steps below will be able to help you get your phone connected.

Thanks for reading,

Forget the usb thumb drive. Tap the physical down button in your car’s console until. Then it skipped right past the “C”s and “D”s, and picked up again midway through the “E”s (at Elton John, in fact). On my way back from Florida to Canada, I drove for a solid 12 hours, never shutting the car off, even when stopping for gas or food, and yet Sync never finished fully indexing the thumb drive. I have a 128gb thumb drive (actually have 2 of them, but different manufacturer) with over 21,000 songs on them. I was OK with that. Hi David, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to answer my question but I have a 2011 Focus Titanium with the USB port in the glove box (dash looks identical to the picture in this article). I believe that they are shown in the order dictated by the track number data and is unrelated to the actual filename you’ve given. This re-indexed the stick, and now all files are working. But if you just use MP3 files (ie no folders, no non-MP3 files) then you ought to be okay. Is there a simple way of doing this, please?

David P. and David L. Hello David, my name is Alina Amapola Saenz Perez, I follow you guys since the beginning. Press the physical down button in the center console until SYNC USB appears on the screen; Press the physical OK button in the center console. It’s as if the thing is on permanent pause on the Explorer. Do I need to link to my car with my laptop, wifi, bluetooth. Next step is to plug the USB drive into my PC and see if the tracks are there and accessible. Just one day later and “USB” as a source no longer appears. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Regards. Trying to change a wallpaper on 2015 F150, it will not recognize the USB drive. Advice? The most I am able to read is 18,155. Change the FILE SYSTEM drop down from NTFS or exFAT to FAT32. you can look on the owners manual for the fuse box and you just take out the little chip and put it back in and it always works for me. So, I just purchased a 2011 Fusion Hybrid with SYNC (very low miles, like new – I got lucky!). iPhone vs. Android: Which Is Better In November 2020?

Listening to audio files via Bluetooth may result in slower load time, laggy audio, and frequent skips. How to play music on your USB device or iPod Use your voice to browse through media players like your iPod, or ask SYNC TM to play songs by name.

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In this article, I’ll show you how to play music on your iPhone over USB using Ford SYNC and explain what to do when your iPhone won’t play music over SYNC. Does anyone have the fix for this? I may just choose to accept my music will have to be put on multiple, smaller drives – especially if I want the voice recognition to work. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I got to that number by playing with the metadata i.e. Begin by making sure you are main Media Menu. Here’s The Real Fix. Stream music with your Bluetooth ®-enabled smartphone or plug into your vehicle’s media hub with your USB media player or SD card.

Which format are you adding them to the USB stick? This thread is locked. We will have to learn how to burn CDs and then onto a USB which is all new to us. 27,34,48. It’s so weird. I don't own a ford/sync nor do I own the older 120 devices - They do sell replacement drives at

At 128 GB, might it (or will it) work smoothly – meaning, voice recognition, indexing, etc. and I know I can just use the ear jack port.

world everything is available on net?

I have two questions for you (by the way I am 71 yrs). Flash drive to Fat 30 and the Ford Sync 3 will not recognize it? I would just like to have the things I pay for work as they are designed to. I appreciate your quick reply – especially on a 4-year-old post. i have a 2012 Ford Explorer. I have seen reports that 4GB is the limit Sync likes… although I can’t imaging why it cares. It will stream BT fine. Can I Listen To Music Using SYNC Bluetooth? I can confirm that file type .m4a also works. Good luck. So why is SYNC now only recognizing only 14,000 songs instead of 22,000 like it used to. Open COMPUTER (formerly My Computer) Right click on the stick and select FORMAT. I haven’t changed anything on the car or the iPod, so I don’t know why it’s suddenly become an issue.

Then I recently reformatted the thumb drive and reloaded my entire itunes library again because I had added new songs and deleted some crappy songs. The next day when I hit the road again, you guessed it, it started indexing all over, starting at song 1. The system will only play the track which I originally put on the stick; it’s not seeing any of the others. In this article, I’ll show you. Suggestions? So the way to get around that is to put your music in separate folders. Playing music on your Bluetooth-enabled device. It may be nothing, that’s the name of the female voice that SYNC uses, if you didn’t know. Also, what’s really weird is that I browsed through the SYNC menu to view the folders on my thumb drive, and it matched what was actually on the thumb drive until it got midway through the “B”s (my music folders are in alphabetical order). I have a 2012 Ford F150 and sync recognizes and plays music from the USB Flash Drive (stick) but will not advance to the next song, just plays the same one over and over. This seems like a good option, but at nearly $80 for that size, I want a pretty good idea that it’s going to work. SYNC also delivers an integrated 10GB hard drive, which stores up to 2,400 songs. I don’t know what the limit is but my 32GB is enough to break it. I don’t know if it works with newer versions. I found with my 64 GB SD card SYNC would not recognize it unless the sd card was named (i named mine MUSIC). Then I added a few more tracks.

I have had similar issues. I have formatted the thumb drive for FAT32, thats fine, but if I load more then 7.5GB it wont index any of it. On Sync 3 models you can connect via a cable Google Drive and a couple of other nav apps via your smartphone . The menu will appear on your car’s display. Make sure your phone automatically connects to SYNC. Play Music with SYNC. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z – so good I bought it twice, Sony need to sort out their console errors, What happens when Amazon can't deliver your parcel, How to update the BIOS on an Acer Aspire One, svn: "Server SSL certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted", What happens when Amazon can’t deliver your parcel, Warning lights on your Mazda 3?

It will stream BT fine.

I believe it only continues to charge through the USB for a few minutes after locking the car so shouldn’t drain your battery. However, there have been a lot of queries about the maximum capacity of the USB devices that you can attach.

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