hornady 75 gr bthp for deer

I"d try the 62 soft points then. The bullet does not do well at all against bone. My question to you AR 15 fellas is, why wouldn't you shoot the 90 grain Sierra bullets since they have a BC of .500 which is better for longer range? anybody ever use the .223 hornady 75 grain bthp for hunting? It's a great deer bullet.

Campfire … This was the test of the new VEX-SS rifle with the old rifles load as a starting point (upper corner, left corner). thank's my problem , is it's all i can find around here. Didn't penetrate making only a large surface wound. When we opened her up, it pretty much liquified the heart.

OP. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. I was off topic there with my post because I'm after coyotes not deer. The 55 soft points ain't bad either. One of them has just called me to inform me that he found the bullet in his share of the hog. One shot dropped a 90lb doe in her tracks. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I'd use the 5.56 version. Since I was the only one who shot a hog that night, I decided to share it with my friends. I believe DSS uses the brass case version also.

I've been shooting the 77gr Noslers out of a RRNM AR15 and a DPMS, same setup for a couple of years now. It was about 200 pounds. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I really wanted to know if anyone had in fact killed a deer with them, and how the round effect is on impact. .223 HORNADY BTHP FOR DEER HUNTING. My question to you AR 15 fellas is, why wouldn't you shoot the 90 grain Sierra bullets since they have a BC of .500 which is better for longer range? OR best yet a swift or TSX or partition worst case. Hitting 8" steel at 650yd was repeatable to the point of almost being boring (unless there was wind). Posts: 70. It was 10:30PM, the black pig was running hard and surprised me (I was almost asleep in the chair, but not quite, because I was freezing my a$$ off.)

Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Also a 90 grain would be better suited for deer or coyote? The only problem hunting deer with this small of a caliber is there was almost no blood trail. Shot a big buck Antelope almost end to end with one (it's still flying) from a 22-06 (3700 fps @ muzzle) but at 352 lasered yards so probably like a 223 at 100-150. I use 24 grains of reloader 15. Found these hollow points that seem to be a nasty little bullet, my concern is that hornady calls them … Member. I have learned my lesson with Horandy, you get what you pay for. I4895 until wind enters into the equation. Unless you got an older batch in the old style Hornady boxes with metal gusseted corners, which have two or three different base/ogive measurements in the 6-7 boxes I have put aside for plinking fodder, the new 75's are excellent at range.

I don't shoot matches, but this bullet has been really accurate out to 700yds, consistently. As for cannelure effecting reliability, when you feed bullets into a military semi-auto at near max OAL and high velocity, keeping the bullet from getting pushed back in the case will definitely enhance your end user experience. Hornady TAP .223 75 grain legit deer hunting ammo? There is not doubt that they shoot outstanding out of our .223s. LOL, I just checked and the heaviest bullet that can be fired from clip can't weigh more than 77 grain (Sierra and Berger).

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