dozer blade for wheel loader

Built using T1 grade steel with AR400 wear points, Pitbull Blades are made in Canada and come with a 2-Year Warranty—the best in the industry. Greater blade control, easy quick attach and the most compact mounting system available make Pitbull the top dog for silage, dirt and snow applications. Flexibility each job requires with the performance and productivity you expect. Terms of Use | Privacy | Site Map | CMS Login, Hydro-electric controlled angle and tilt; using only one loader valve, Angles 30 degrees right or left off center, Tilt 10 degrees off horizontal both directions, Tilt indicator visibile from operator's seat.

2,100 lb | 955 kg, Rated Operating Load: <>/ColorSpace<>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>>>/DALiMInfo<>>> Bradco's Dozer Blade with a tilt attach tilts the dozer blade for more precise grading, leveling and trenching. Construction technology for Cat machines and equipment boosts productivity, improves efficiency, saves fuel and reduces costs. CASE M Series dozers – the industry’s first line of dozers with powerfully efficient SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology built in. AMI’s Fast Track Program features a wide selection of high-volume products that can be manufactured and shipped in a shorter time period with no compromise in quality and at no extra charge. 7,990 lb | 3 625 kg, Operating Weight: 33,796 lb | 15 330 kg, Operating Weight:

Cat Reman parts offer the same quality as new Cat parts, at a fraction of the cost. 10,610 lb | 4 823 kg, Operating Weight:

No Tilt, 6 Way Learn more about licensing with Caterpillar. Simply enter your address and select the type of equipment you're looking for. Priced less than new, expand your options without expanding your budget. Internet Explorer users may experience issues with certain features of our site. 30 Degree Angle Left and Right Trucks are currently available only in the United States and 30 Degree Angle Left or Right and Google Privacy Policy at 56,909 lb | 25 814 kg, Operating Weight: 33.5 hp | 25 kW, Engine Power: stream Cat® Technology makes smart use of technology and services to improve your operational efficiency. Fast, yet impressively fuel efficient, with best-in-class breakout force and 4 power modes, CASE wheel loaders are as powerful as they are practical. 158,300 lb | 71 800 kg, Operating Weight: 16' Wide x 42'' High Mouldboard As with the SMART Dozer Blade attachment, the D3 host machine recognizes the grader blade and unlocks special display screens that provide options for attachment control, allowing the joysticks to be repurposed to perform attachment functions. 18 0 obj 172 hp | 125 kW, Engine Power: 1,850 lb | 840 kg, Rated Operating Load: CAT Vocational COVID-19 Français Toll-Free: 1-800-661-4155 Order Status Dealer Portal CASE B Series compact track loaders (CTLs) offer a completely re-imagined operator interface and environment to simplify operation and put more power and control into the hands of the operator. 30 Degree Angle Left and Right How many times a day while working on your skid steer loader do you find yourself wishing you had a tilting skid steer dozer blade to quickly take care of the more precise grading, leveling or trenching work you have to do? To learn more, please visit our Legal Notices - Cookie page. 7,110 lb | 3 225 kg, Operating Weight: 97 hp | 72 kW, Engine Power: The new Cat GB120 and GB124 SMART Grader Blade attachments are available for Cat D3- Series Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders. 10,000 lb | 4 536 kg, Operating Weight: 30 Degree Angle Left and Right 90 hp | 67 kW, Engine Power: 32,100 lb | 14 600 kg, Operating Weight: 2 Year Warranty Included. Or, if you already know the name of the dealer you're searching for, you can type in the dealer's name for a list of locations. 67,271 lb | 30 514 kg, Operating Weight: acknowledge and agree that use of Google Maps is subject to the Engine Power: No Tilt, 4 Way are providing such data directly to Google LLC and/or its DOZER BLADES DB84 | DB96 • Add a Worksite Pro™ Dozer Blade to turn your skid steer loader (SSL) or compact track loader (CTL) into a compact bulldozer. The line also features our patented SCR engine technology and an all-new cab with improved ergonomics for operator comfort. Lift Capacity: 112 hp | 84 kW, Engine Power: Extreme Service Spade Nose Rock Bucket. Greater blade control, easy quick attach and the most compact mounting system available make Pitbull the top dog for silage, dirt and snow applications. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); The entire front tower, including the loader …

43.9 hp | 32.8 kW, Engine Power: 2 Year Warranty Included. Dealers set actual prices, including invoicing currency. Fast, yet impressively fuel efficient, with best-in-class breakout force and 4 power modes, CASE wheel loaders are as powerful as they are practical. Dozer Blade. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox) for the full experience. a�{�e��j�M`���^��Ҧš���B�B�����R>H��L�%����]0�ޘ8��I6X5Q�,�GŐ4��Mq�۱�\w�{� 9�NC8m�>�9����7�C��cT-��M�x���7`�@O��M�;��f�/\m-ݎa�D!,h�}��A��"�Q�>z����+����7;�&��_P_@�(���45��X�\;�� ��;�B�u�64�x�"64P����(4��R礙���q�� 29,131 lb | 13 214 kg, Operating Weight: Need help finding a Cat dealer near you? Copyright © 2015–2020 Tubeline Manufacturing Inc., All Rights Reserved. The Cat® Rental Store is here with equipment rentals and services for any application. 74 hp | 55 kW, Engine Power: 3,400 lb | 1 545 kg, Engine Power: 2,700 lb | 1 225 kg, Rated Operating Load: The dozer blade turns loaders into mini-crawlers and it's ideal for construction and landscaping markets. The kit basically consists of a new front frame, new hydraulic system, new lock-up torque converter and new dozer blade of your choice. Full Size Wheel Loaders. 10,000 lb | 4 563 kg, Engine Power: Cat® OEM Solutions provide partial configurations, or systems and first-fit components, to create unique equipment to meet the needs of your projects. CASE dealers provide world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing. 230 hp | 172 kW, Engine Power: Their rugged design delivers maximum uptime to a wide variety of tasks — from stripping clay to finish grading. The cutting edge is gusseted between each mounting hole and a smooth boxed back frame keeps the moldboard light and strong.

Pitbull Blades are available in Four Wheel Drive Tractor Models and Front Wheel Assist Tractor Models. 30 Degree Angle Left or Right Buy buckets, blades, adapters and other machine attachments for your specific application. The AMI dozer blade’s heavy-duty design provides 30-degree angle adjustment, … 26,466 lb | 12 005 kg, Operating Weight: Cushion Dozer Blades Dozer Blades Grader Blades Landfill U-Blades Reclamation U-Blades Variable Radius Semi-U Blades Woodchip U-Blades. x�uX]o�}�_�G��V~T�m$�Q�P��Uv�Hrc6����C�W75dKg�{~y}�������������n����w�?��>^޾}���.� q>��7˛�|�x�|9��ܻ���׻w���zZt_ ���w/��o��'�Eλ�›��������?��\}X�^-�.ܱ�����j�����������Ihn7(�cs��+�iw�%����Ό�n���]�_�2w�n���_��m[�]i������j�]���N�oV����R��|ή����K�v��ޢ[CLn�̯��ݒ�ZC9�Z +vݿ�y͏���y��'�eΗ�Zz\��qV*XZ���5����y�+���f�P��76i�sS� 7K�O�M�}l]a̶�bb�i W��q�V����Gp�me-�1��u|�=�k�͂�3����,�� �� No Tilt, 4 Way Skid steer dozer blade attachments allow you to easily level, grade, trench and grip more when you need it. 92 hp | 69 kW, Engine Power:

Please try a current version of an alternate browser (i.e. 12,270 lb | 5 565 kg, Operating Weight:

Cat® technology and services give you the edge you need for success. • Nothing light-duty about these dozer blades. 8,000 lb | 3 628 kg, Operating Weight: Dozer Blades for Silage, Dirt and Snow. 4 Way 19 0 obj 10' Wide x 42'' High Mouldboard 12' Wide Mouldboard Proper servicing of your equipment is very important, and Caterpillar offers the online training courses that can better inform and educate you about taking care of your equipment. Specialized designs mean the perfect match for every job. Spoon Bucket Watch Pitbull Dozer Blades’ Material Masters to see how a new Pitbull blade is helping Dieterman Farms stay on top of the pile.

30 Degree Angle Left or Right 154 hp (115 kW), Operating Weight: Buy the parts you need to get the job done. Features a rugged boxed back frame and additional gusseting along the base angle for improved strength in …

134 hp (100 kW), Engine Power: By clicking "I Agree" or by using the Google Maps functionality to obtain driving directions, you acknowledge and agree that use of Google Maps is subject to the then-current Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service at  and Google Privacy Policy at, Note that by entering data in

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