ffbe aoe mirage

Can provide mirage, 2k AoE barriers, AoE LB fill, and some backup healing. I can't check right now, but is it still A2, 2B, Estark? She can chain with the Divine Ruination family. Healer that can provide immunity to ailments, breaks, stop, and charm. Unusual combination of healer and magic cover tank. Her T1 AoE breaks aren't quite as strong as those of some other units, but she can later on upgrade them to 79% once her LB is ready. Chains with the Absolute Mirror of Equity and Bolting Strike families. One of the reasons i love Foo so much. Terrible magic chainer with some buffing capabilities. She can chain with the Divine Ruination family. Has ludicrous survivability vs. magic damage, even beating out many actual magic tanks. Everyone hits over 400% combined resists (with buffs), I have both Espers needed for the summon slotted in, Sieg has 100% evade (switched to Siren for his Esper to prevent sleep since Zarg's buffs don't), Kryla is on Lakshmi for AoE charm protection...I think I have everything covered. Physical/magical cover tank that can also provoke. MMXon has the 5 stack mirage buff too on smoke bomb, but its only unlocked under 30% health or something, You can add CG Vaan to the list - 1 mirage stack that auto-recasts for the next three turns from his cooldown, Wiki page - https://exvius.gamepedia.com/Freedom_Seeker_Vaan/JP. I got real excited when I saw that Tressa has an unlockable 2x AoE mirage, but she doesn't have multicast, so she needs to spend a turn unlocking it every 5 turns. Can also provide stat buffs, healing, and breaks, but is typically bad enough at each of those that he cannot replace a dedicated unit. I happened to have a couple of Fitras so i have 1 rod on him and one on XWQL, I've been surprised at how fast the esper gauge goes up and I can have a really heavy up time on Mirage without needing to sacrifice a slot just for that, since Foo pulls his weight in lots of areas. His LB provides 1 turn of 54% general mitigation and also refills the team's MP.

Fire/lightning physical chainer with fairly high survivability vs. incoming magic damage. But even if you do not unlock this upgraded LB, his default LB is 84%/74%/64% (3-turns decaying). Note that they will not stop working, but does not detect Tenno. Can break enemy DEF by 74%, and buff several elemental resistances by 70%. Has 10% innate dodge (making it easier to gear for 100%) and can chain with the Absolute Mirror of Equity family. Can provide 75% breaks, although 100% uptime requires a dupe to stagger cooldowns with and a somewhat wonky rotation. Chains with the Stardust Ray and Bolting Strike families. Can provide some buffs to the team, albeit at a significant damage loss. Has a 65% AoE ATK/MAG break and a 70% DEF break. Can reach 100% passive provoke without the need for limited gear.

He can also be used as a magic chainer, but his damage is drastically lower if used in this way. Can buff several elemental resists by 70%.

Due to the way that the game handles tiebreakers for provoke chance, make sure that your provoke tank is in a slot that comes before Bruce's, because Bruce himself will not make a good provoke tank. His LB provides a 45% general mitigation buff to the party for three turns. Can provide stat buffs and 30% general mitigation. Has cooldowns that can provide partial uptime on AoE DEF/SPR buffs. Chains with the Bolting Strike and Aureole Ray families. Requires setup before he can use any of his best moves, and even then his damage isn't amazing. Lulu: The guardian wyrm, Evrae. Magical chainer with elemental flexibility. Requires setup before he can use any of his best moves, and even then his damage isn't amazing. She can switch between fire and lightning damage. Buffer with 50% general mitigation, 30% typed mitigation, barriers, significant AoE LB fill, and more. I'm sure several have bought them to upgrade their odd number of A2/2B's. Use FFBE Equip to find both units with fire/dark resist buffs and gear with dark resist. Can provide AoE mirage, and with his innate triplecast, active provoke, and high evasion, it's easy to make him into an evasion-based provoke tank who also handles breaking. Mirage can resist knockdown during the casting delay. Physical chainer with some elemental flexibility. A negative Ability Range (around 50%) is advised, in order to not affect an area too wide, negatively affecting the supply of Power Cells. Can keep 85% breaks going indefinitely with a dupe, or for 20+ turns on her own. Provoke and physical cover tank that can provide 50% general mitigation to the party. Can reach 100% passive provoke without requiring any limited gear or STMRs. When cast repeatedly, a second prism can remain floating indefinitely. Has high survivability, but not much utility. Terrible physical damage dealer with elemental flexibility. Magic cover and provoke tank with a full support kit.

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