northeast facing windows

East-facing windows give you an advantage with another incredibly popular plant: the trendy and loveable Fiddleleaf Fig. West facing rooms can be flat in the morning but lovely and warm in the later afternoon. One of the most popular palms grown indoors, the stately Areca palm has an unfortunately difficult reputation. solstice (about 21 December). If you do find spider mites—everything seems to get them!—a simple wash with horticultural soap will remove them. The rest is absorbed by the shade material. East and west-facing windows receive little sunlight in winter, autumn and spring, but excessive sunlight in summer.

You can also get rid of mealybugs, their most common pest, with insecticidal soap. I have dark wood floors which looks great with the white kitchen cabinets and white trim throughout the entire house (cloud white).

The same is true of west-facing

But let me add that personally, I would only expose myself ONCE – and then I would run like mad. The flatter, west-facing morning light will soften things in the morning hours with its lack of sunshine. It has the same unfortunate toxicity to pets as the Monstera.

I do find White Dove to be quite flexible, all the while acting more or less like ‘white’. If you don’t like cool paint colours, then you may want to focus on colours that suit a northern exposure (warm colours). In the middle of the morning and afternoon the sun can be low enough in the In the northern hemisphere summer the sun rises north of due east and The ideal house orientation is one that runs along an East-West axis so that wall areas receiving hot morning and afternoon sun are minimised. Hi Kylie, I would have preferred to decrease the size of the windows but the builder would not alter the size of the windows on the front. In the afternoon, east-facing rooms become more gray and subdued, acting a bit more like north-facing rooms, but maybe not as bright; East-facing rooms often do better with slightly warmer colours. Research has told me that I should be opting for a yellow toned white for the walls, but I’m not keen on the yellowyness! And if you have a room with windows on different walls, you won’t just have one exposure, you’ll have two or even THREE exposures to battle with. As tropicals, they like high humidity and slightly moist soil; however, they can handle less ideal circumstances and still look good. In the winter there is minimal heating benefit with little or no direct sunlight getting into West or East facing windows. Alternatively, consider using high performance glazing such as low-e or toned glass. can be opened or closed or partially open, to suit your needs and the degree too wide in such cases. An eastern exposure is just right. Oh and it was weimaraner for 8 years before I just changed it but I wanted to go lighter. © 2007-2014 University of Central Florida. I am still learning how to blog. shading strategies shown below is effective at accomplishing that goal. It’s tough to suggest colours without seeing the room, as I’d have to see your furnishings and what not to get a real feel for things.

An east-facing window makes keeping this plant a rewarding horticultural adventure … orchids are an entire world onto themselves. Yes, it helps lots! Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply . I would probably base it on what suits the inside of the home and wouldn’t worry as much about the light because it will change SO much throughout the day. Shown above: Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray, Read more: The Best Paint Colours for North Facing Rooms, Cool gray, slightly brighter in the morning, back to cool gray in the afternoon.

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