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As court poet and musician to the Count d’Artois, he visited Naples and became famous for his polyphony as well as his topical productions, which are considered the predecessors… town full of strife, With calumnies and hatred rife; You were a noble town of yore; Your fame, 'tis said, they will restore. Adam de la Halle, also known as Adam le Bossu (Adam the Hunchback) (1245–50 – ?1285–88, or after 1306) was a French-born trouvère, poet and musician. Read more → My poems (1) Titles list.

/ GRIEG, E. NEIDHART: Minnesinger and His Vale of Tears (A) - Songs and Interludes (Ensemble Leones), SAINTS AND SINNERS - The Music of Medieval and Renaissance Europe [10 CD Boxed Set].

Adam's other nicknames, "le Bossu d'Arras" and "Adam d'Arras", suggest that he came from Arras, France. Adam's shorter pieces are accompanied by music, of which a transcript in modern notation, with the original score, is given in Coussemaker's edition. Our editors update and regularly refine this enormous body of information to bring you reliable information.

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(For more on the difference between troubadours and trouvères, see Composer Biography: Marcabru.)

Le Congé (“The Leave Taking”) expresses his sorrow at leaving his wife and his native Arras.

The suggested later date for his death is derived from the mention of an ‘Adam le Boscu’ in accounts of the coronation of the English King Edward II in 1307. Arras! / SENLECHES, J. de (Neo-Medieval - Medieval Improvisations for a Postmodern Age) (Hesperus), Choral Concert: KFUM Male Choir - GRIEG, E. / TAUBE, E. / JOSEPHSON, J.A.

Arras! Also Adam e la Hale, and Adam le Bossu (the hunchback), and Adam d’Arras. He received his education at the Cistercian Abbey of Vaucelles, near Cambral. By clicking "Ok" or by continuing to use our website, you agree to cookies being set on your device as explained in our, ADAM DE LA HALLE: Jeu de Robin et de Marion (Le), Chamber Music - MACHAUT, G. de / CICONIA, J. His known works include thirty-six chansons (literally, "songs"), forty-six rondets de carole, eighteen jeux-partis, fourteen rondeaux, five motets, one rondeau-virelai, one ballette, one dit d'amour, and one congé.

Adam De La Halle Follow . Adam's literary and musical works include chansons and jeux-partis (poetic debates) in the style of the trouvères; polyphonic rondel and motets in the style of early liturgical polyphony; and a musical play, "Jeu de Robin et Marion" (c. 1282-83), which is considered the earliest surviving secular French play with music. 1262), is a satirical drama in which he introduces himself, his father and the citizens of Arras with their peculiarities. ADAM DE LA HALLE (1245 - 1288) A trouvère poet and composer, Adam de la Halle—sometimes known as Adam le Bossu (‘Adam the Hunchback’), although he disclaimed such a sobriquet, was a native of Arras but educated in Paris.He was in the service of Charles of Anjou and visited Italy on several occasions. Adam de la Halle, also known as Adam le Bossu (Adam the Hunchback) (1245–50 – ?1285–88, or after 1306) was a French-born trouvère, poet and musician. Adam de la Halle. Adam de la Halle is remembered in particular for his three dramatic works, of which the pastoral Jeu de Robin et de Marion is the best known, with its mixture of speech and song. Adam had been destined for the church, but renounced this intention, and married a certain Marie, who figures in many of his songs, rondeaux, motets and jeux-partis. Farewell To Arras. Father and son had their share in the civil discords in Arras, and for a short time took refuge in Douai.

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