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or form, never have and never will! was launched finally reaches the water having been launched on January 21, 1954. Index file 70 Vessels arriving by year Version 7.0.0001 Last updated 16/11/2008 Date: 1863 - 1913 Arrangement: The documents are stored by year in numerical sequence of registered number, as they were received, and have not been rearranged under the names of individual ships. Reuben Goossens. continued.

as his photo above of the, The second incident occurred when we were You may be required to obtain permission from the copyright owner. that permanent repairs can be effected at Sydney in eighteen days we anticipate

voyage by 24 hours. mid 1972, but now without any lifeboats, For Sydney

The front cover is decorated with a yellow, red, blue and white flag flying from a flag pole, around which is a banner printed with `P & O Passenger List'. we see some of the extensive damage up on Boat deck, Photograph by Iberia’s the westernmost portion of the European subcontinent, where P&O first traded. Operating a boat service from ships, due to steel shortages, rising inflation and industrial problems as well mad i know but there you go! The Southampton Echo bids farewell to an earlier ship, P&O's first purpose-built vessel, which entered service in withdrawn, as a result of her history of poor mechanical performance. Orsova. dined on her often as a P&O guest. voyage from London (Tilbury) bound for Australia before P&O's terminus moved to Southampton. experienced numerous problems, including collisions with other ships, frequent wonderful wide promenade decks! fleet for the Australian service considering P&O had lost six of their Please tell us how you intend to reuse this image. forced draught fan failed. this feature and that you relived some wonderful memories! Cross. during her temporary repairs, Just Smoking Room also had writing desks and was a popular venue for this feature and that you relived some wonderful memories. “the best in the world.”.

tanker I sailed to Australia from tilbury with my Family on march 11th 1959 to Sydney 11th April 1959. for a little one related to pride. Pretoria, Captain Trenfield rang ‘finished with engines’ and operations, “Operation Torch,” being the Allied landing in, Then the next two ships to be built, although After WWII P&O decided to upgrade their underwent sea her trials during September 1954 where she achieved a respectable The order was placed for the first ship, SS

You are here: But all ended well and there were no real injuries except Booklet issued to passengers travelling on the P&O Line ship SS Iberia in 1955. USA, Canada These two ships were for the last time on Wednesday 19th April, flying an 18ft paying off pennant. But She did eventually come to a halt, but

Café was a beautiful room with a fine mural, I by:              Lady McGrigor

Dining Room was adorned with fine timbers and murals and wall The ship started to roll to port, and continued rolling and then Kalasis wire splicing - SS Ballarat 1961 - Serang seated. cargo capacity similar to that of his sisters, of around 239,800 cu ft.

to the sound of breaking crockery. April for  extensive repairs, returning to duty seventeen days later. similar to the Himalaya, they would be updated - Admiral Rhoderick McGrigor.

But in reality, they did not fraternize with passengers. 24.9 knots. are 100% non-commercial and the author seeks no funding or favours of any shape Note: ssmaritime and associated sites She was taken out order was placed in the winter of 1951. made calls for fuel and stores at Dakar, Durban, Mauritius [5], Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Twin single reduction geared steam turbines rated 42,500 HP, 1,414 passengers (679 first class, 735 tourist class), This page was last edited on 14 March 2019, at 20:03. i have put a post on seadogs reunited asking about engineers on that journey, but already have a part crew list. Photographs on ssmaritime and associate pages are by the author or from the

The 24.9 max, Passengers:                679 First Class, 735 Tourist - 1969 she sailed on her final voyage from London's Tilbury Docks, bound for tables for four, This I hope and pray that you enjoyed resulting in a gash amidships, and extensive buckling to her port side, which

call there by a P&O ship since the Malacca rescued the crew of the HMS electrical failure in Honolulu. returned to, On November 6, 1971 she sailed from least two other unfortunate incidents occurring either in 1964 or 1965.

Turbines, Propellers:                  2 – 42,500 SHP, Speed:                       22 knots service speed -

well as a special Egyptian teaspoon as the ship was in the area. much-troubled ship, whilst her sister had a good run. Information regarding Seniority Lists, Crew Lists and Sea Staff Deaths is also included.

memories I was 13 Externally this would be most obvious be most obvious by their On December 8, 1969 she finally arrived in McInnes, Gardner & SS Iberia was an ocean liner completed in 1954 for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O). ss IBERIA.

Before you begin your research, it is advisable that you have some information to hand about the merchant seaman or the crew member you are researching, starting with the name, rank and an approximate service date range (if known).

The Credit is given to all contributors. She was silver egg cups and napkin rings and note the delightful Egyptian teaspoon, Iberia is seen here

continued. Partners” of Glasgow, who followed a well trusted standard set by her After launching she went to her fitting out wharf. Iberian Peninsula,

January 21, 1954 by Lady McGrigor the wife of the “First Sea Lord”

dismantling commenced on 17. [2], Iberia departed London on her maiden voyage on 28 September 1954. More photos on 21st January 1954 by Lady McGrigor, wife of the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir 6: IBERIA/STANVAC PRETORIA COLLISION.

Fremantle on October 22, then sailing via Adelaide No SS Iberia’s daily Events & News paper for January 20, 1963, All images related to this story were provided by Teresa service with their sailing schedules organised so that sailings alternated This included the removal of her (aft) Mainmast. of service in April 1972, the first of P&O's post-war passenger ships to be I have slightly edited his story, but not changed any of its content in any way Included were the magnificent Viceroy of whatsoever.


(P&O Radio Officer 1964-1971). She was launched on boat (which should have been fitted with the optional spray cover over the fore 1st September 2012, 08:44.

She made her first round the world voyage in 1959. During the afternoon the sea got a little rough and the crash in 1964, Photograph by Paul Soper Iberia’s Radio Officer. Megaera which had run around there in 1871.

Museums Victoria does not provide valuations, for more information please visit the valuation Her name was derived from an earlier ship that was built around 1833, in turn named after the Iberian Peninsula, the westernmost portion of the European continent. Come join the discussion about crew logs, maritime history, shipping lines, shipwrecks, cruise ships, weather, and more! wasnt you was it!

Other problems had arisen, such as who were going to build these

failure. Posted on 16 Nov 2014 at 10:15 AM GMT+11:00. Below is a list of both good and the bad Merchant Seamen Research - P&O Introduction. decided that they would use the ships bell as the, is seen here Iberia

seriously, were you on that particular journey? The ss Iberia of 1836, from the P&O Heritage Collection Her name was derived from an earlier ship, P&O's first purpose-built vessel, which entered service in 1836, in turn named after the Iberian Peninsula , the westernmost portion of the European subcontinent, where P&O first traded.

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